should i get a cash back credit card; maybe but check this out first.

Over 3,000 companies are marketing dramatically different than just 2 years ago. The competition to get your shopping dollars is fierce and that’s why over 3,000 (in the USA alone; a whopping 60,000 worldwide!) companies will pay you to buy from them; no kidding!

QUESTION: What is keeping you from getting money back from these companies? (Shopping points are over and above the money they pay you that you can use for exclusive “shopping deals”)
  • Sears, 2% and 2.50 shopping points.  
  • JC Whitney, 3% and 2.50 shopping points.
  • Auto Parts Warehouse and 2.50 shopping points.
  • Even BP offers 1% back and 1 shopping point; who doesn’t buy gas?

Plus, local “mom and pop”; small to medium sized businesses are joining daily so you’ll be able to get cash back when visiting your favorite local places!

ANSWER: One card, that when presented at the time of purchase gets you cash back (placed directly into your bank account) and shopping points that creates additional buying power for you and you alone. You now will have the inside clout only few in the USA know about; but the word is getting out.

Here’s why you want “in” on this now while it’s just getting started:
You can give cards away to friends and when they shop, Cha Ching! You get cash back on their purchases (of course they do too so they don’t mind; they welcome you telling them about this).

So what’s this cost?
Are you ready? Remember I said that companies pay you to shop at their business? Why would they charge you to shop with them? That’s “old school” marketing and it doesn’t work anymore. Buying clubs are on the way out and using part of their marketing dollars to entice customers to shop with them instead of competitors is the new method of marketing. So the answer about the cost is zero, nothing; nada!

So how do I get this card? (You ask). 

(Card shown below is a card that 
participating merchants will offer in the future). 

You just have to request it from an authorized “go between” and that’s me and my company. (Eventually you’ll be able to get a card from a sponsoring business; but why wait?). You can visit my official site which gives more details and complete your request form. Everything is secure. You’ll submit your name and email address; we will register you and then reply with your exclusive link to complete your personal details. Then you’ll get your own “virtual” card that you’ll use on your smartphone (or you can print and keep in your wallet or purse). You’ll have online access to daily deals and listing of all the participating companies in the USA (3,000 plus and growing daily and 60,000 in over 47 countries) plus we’ll send you instructional videos so you’ll learn just how easy it is to use this! You’ll even have access to our private Facebook membership page so you’ll learn from others who are using the card!

Everyone shops and buys groceries, gas, dines out, uses office supplies (and the list goes on and on) but you don’t have to pay full retail, and now you can even get cash back!
  • This is “just a card” and doesn’t conflict with any “opportunity” you may be involved with.
  • Earn cash back.
  • Get exclusive deals, specials and shopping points every time you make a purchase.
  • Get a “Friendship Bonus” of 1% every time someone you referred uses the card (a local pizza shop owner earned $1,000 when someone he gave a card to purchased materials to build a house; it happens!).
  • Never has any fees, never expires, and the list of places you can use your card is growing every day!
  • You get online access at no additional cost, can earn money day and night while you are sleeping or on vacation when others shop! And we’ll help you with our exclusive tips and private Facebook members page!

If you have questions or comments just let us know when you REQUEST YOUR CARD .
We look forward to seeing you prosper!

Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach ™ and 
Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant ™.

PS. Don’t wait to get your card. More merchants are signing on to offer cashback every day and the longer you wait, the longer you are paying full retail and not getting cash back. Also, every hour more people are getting their cards and making purchases in which you could be earning 1% on each of their purchases! We’ll show you how to capture this huge untapped market (optional) to increase your earnings quickly. REQUEST YOUR CARD

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  1. I personally like Chase Sapphire, Citi Double Cash card and AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card. They look best in terms of annual fees, estimated bonuses and cashback rates.